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22 juillet 2013 1 22 /07 /juillet /2013 18:02

survivrecaniculeEveryone will tell you that Paris is not hongkong. In Hong Kong, the climate is really hot, but, with air conditioning systems, it is mostly confortable in houses, public transports and shopping centers. In France, we are much more ecologist and pragmatics.

For instance, today, we had an outside temperature bordering upon 35 degrees and inside the bus it was reaching 60°C. Like an oven . No air conditioning system in RATP Buses. After 5 minutes, I nearly collapsed and, as I was the only passenger ( other people were probaby in swimming pool ) i decided to act courageously. With no hesitation and no fear, i knocked my water bottle over my head. I instantly felt much much better.

Unfortunately, we stopped, and ,as if by magic, the bus was full. Many people were looking at me with what looked like incomprehension, even perhaps indignation.

A little girl asked her mother : " is it normal mum ? water running down the lady ?"

" come here  and don't mind her" replied the mother with a bit of embarrassment.

Thanck goodness I had arrived.

Tomorow I'll stay at home. That way i won't have any problems.



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